Storytelling for nonprofits: Showing NULYP how to tell its story

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2012 National Urban League Whitney M. Young Urban Leadership ConferenceIn a world where people are drowning in information overload, storytelling is a powerful way to get your organization’s message heard.

On Saturday, October 13, I gave a workshop at the National Urban League Young Professionals’ (NULYP) Whitney M. Young Urban Leadership Conference. The room was filled with executive board leadership from chapters from coast to coast. These leaders wanted to know how their nonprofit organization could better brand and market its chapters nationwide.

I showed these executive board members how “Telling Your Chapter Story” effectively can increase member engagement and chapter growth and pave the way to new partnerships and sponsorships. And what nonprofit organization isn’t looking to bring new dollars in the door these days?

The topics I covered included:

  • How to brand your chapter
  • Effective marketing tactics for your chapter (from social media to traditional media)
  • Tools of the trade
  • How-to’s, do’s, and don’ts NULYP can start using immediately

Connecting with people requires telling a story that is genuine, emotional, and memorable. Combined with great design, your well-told story will resonate with customers and supporters and keep your mission in the forefront of their minds.

Click here to download the slide deck of Telling Your Chapter Story (PDF).



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